My full name is Juliana Hung, but everyone calls me something different! Nicknames range from Julie, Jules, juju, ju, jujubee, ju bear- the list goes on and on, but the prefix always stuck. I started the jujumade blog in 2011 and eventually this lead me to creating my own line. I wanted to document all the things that I found interesting, and things that I was making. Mainly it was a way for me to keep track of everything inspirational and creative. I was working full time as an industrial designer, and that required me to be very precise and technical. So after work when I was free from that, all I wanted to do was work with my hands and be completely outside of computers and machines! What I create is inspired by the potential of the material I am working with.

Ceramics is typically seen in everyday household objects, but it can also transform and become something beautiful and unexpected. Jujumade pieces are created with these goals in mind, ceramics are used not just as accents, but also as playful features. Pieces can worn in multiple ways, allowing the owner to experiment and find their own look.